Other Shooting Incidents Around the State

On March 26, Oregon State Trooper Nick Neville shot and killed Jeremiah P. Scanlon, 47, after Scanlon shot Neville in the chest. Scanlon apparently was asking for directions and shot the officer after being asked for ID. The officer survived (Oregonian, March 29).

Washington County Sheriff's Corporals Dave Lyle and Rob Philippi shot and killed Warren Dudley Sercombe, 46, in the Oak Hills community (west of Portland) early February 21. The officers say they ordered Sercombe to the ground but he reached for a handgun that was sitting on a car (Oregonian, February 24).

In Salem, police shot and killed burglary suspect James Brian Bartell, 37, after they say he drew a gun on them during a confrontation early on February 10. Officers Rob McCracken and Tom Johnson were cleared by a grand jury in shooting Bartell, a former corrections employee with psychological problems (Salem Statesman-Journal February 28).

On April 10, Javier Hernandez Rivera, 30, died in the custody of Marion County Deputy Jason Hickam after he began foaming at the mouth. The deputy claims to have removed several plastic bags of methamphetamine from Rivera's mouth prior to the death (Salem Statesman-Journal, April 13).

Shane Richard Hartung, 32, carrying a machete, was shot and killed in Irrigon by Morrow County Deputies Brian Snyder and Jeffery Lambier on April 12. Both deputies suffered minor injuries from the machete (Oregonian, April 14).


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