People's Police Report #15 - August 1998

Table of Contents

Police Shoot One, Pepper Spray One to Death, Intimidate Protesters with Shotguns
     Police Bring Out Shotguns...Because of Puppets
Homeless Sweeps Thwarted by Activism
     Police Harass Homeless At Community Dining Hall
Knock & Talks Dealt a Blow By Judge
INS Chief Meets with Community
Portland's Police Review Board (PIIAC) To Be Revised
People's Police Report Updates August '98:
      Steven Dons Case Still Stirs Questions
      High-Powered Rifles On The Streets
      City "Shoots Down" Helicopter Idea
      Indicted Officer Barkley on Trial for Theft
     ....and more
    Sheriff Double Bunking Approved
Rapping Back #15 --Analysis of Police Union Newsletter


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