People's Police Report #22 - December 2000

Table of Contents

  • Police Chief Kroeker's a Big Bigot
      (and related stories in "Kroeker's Korner")
  • Deaths and Beatings in the County Jail: Tattooed Gang Roves Hallways
  • COPS ADMIT: Racial Profiling Exists in Portland
  • Mayor's Task Force Proposes Police Review Board with Teeth
  • PIIAC UNDER SCRUTINY Still Can't Get Its Act Together
  • Police Attack September 26 Street Gathering
  • Four civilians shot by Portland Police; Fifth dies in fire
  • Anti-Camping law struck down; Homeless organize for autonomy
  • Drug Free Zones: "The cops are being cop, judge and jury"
  • Portland marches against police violence once again (O22 PDX)

  • Rapping Back #22 --Analysis of Police "Union" Newsletter

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