People's Police Report #23 - April 2001

Table of Contents

  • FBI "Domestic Terrorism" Squad Deputizes Portland Police Officers
  • Lake Oswego Police Kill Bosnian Refugee ("Suicide-by-Cop")
  • African-American Woman Brutalized by Cop Loses Lawsuit
      (and related story) Cops Want to Study, Not End, Racial Profiling
  • Mayor Delays Adoption of Independent Review Board as Campaign re-files initiative
  • PIIAC Votes to Upgrade Four Police Findings Internal Affairs Criticizes Citizens
  • Police and Crowds: Remembering May Day, S26, O22 and New Year's Eve
  • Portland Police Shoot Five in Three Months
  • Washington County Sheriff's Department Celebrates Year of Shame
  • Critical Mass Bike Rides Feel Heavy Police Presence
  • Chief Kroeker Blurs Public/Private Funds; Extends Hand to Gay Community

  • Rapping Back #23 --Analysis of Police "Union" Newsletter

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