People's Police Report #26 - April 2002

Table of Contents

  • New Portland Police Review Board:Worse Than The Old One?
  • Police "Can't Wait" To Kill Black Man Holding Child
  • PAC-2002 Challenges County On Signature Count
  • IPR Citizen Committee Moves To Change Findings
  • Portland Takes Lead In Protecting Civil Liberties
  • Protests, Crowd Control, and Siege of Neighborhood
  • Sgt. Pool: In One End and Out the Other
  • PPR26 Updates:
       City's Proposed "Sit/Lie" Ordinance and Drug Free Zones Suffer Setbacks
       Pepper Spray Company, City, and School Police To Pay In Dickie Dow Settlement
       Mejía Death Shakes Up Mental Health System, One Year Later

  • Rapping Back #26 --Analysis of Police "Union" Newsletter

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