People's Police Report #34 - January 2005

Table of Contents

  • National Conference Brings Energy, Strategies, Information to Portland

  • Portland Police Shoot, Kill Two in Ten Days
  •    Other police shootings in Oregon and SW Washington (Sept 2004-Dec 2004)
  • Wave of Changes Continues in Wake of Perez Shooting

  • UPDATES PPR #34: City Pays Demonstrators $300,000 and more
  • Portland Police Use Taser on 11-Year-Old and other "Less Lethal" news

  • CITIZEN REVIEW COMMITTEE: No Hearings for Five Months

  • Lawyer Falsely Accused of Terrorism Sues FBI and other "Terror" Updates
  • Foxworth's Foxhole: Old Political and Personal Problems Plague Portland Police Chief
  •    New Mayor is Former Top Cop
  •    News of Other Portland Area Groups Working on Police Accountability
  •    LEGAL BRIEFS #34--Recent Cases Both Narrow and Broaden Search & Seizure Laws

  • Rapping Back #34 --Analysis of Police "Union" Newsletter

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