Other police shootings in Oregon and SW Washington (Sept 2004-Dec 2004)

•On October 14, Marion County Deputies fired 13 rounds and killed a man who was holding an 11-year-old boy hostage. Six of the bullets hit Jeffrey Eggiman, 38, who died of blood loss from a leg wound (Oregonian October 19).
•Also in October, a Lake County deputy shot 18-year-old Timothy Buhler in Beatty (in southern Oregon) following a car chase, after the youth allegedly backed his pickup truck toward the officer's car (Oregonian, October 19).
•On September 29, Coos Bay Officer Cal Mitts shot Anthony Ray Neill, 27, in the lower abdomen after Neill ran away from a traffic stop. According to the October 1 Oregonian, the gun went off during a struggle.
•On September 3, Clackamas Sheriff's Sgt. Paul Steigleder II shot and killed a woman suffering from schizophrenia who charged him with a knife. Although Steigleider attempted to retreat from Joyce M. Staudenmaier, 49, witnesses say he was cornered when he shot (Oregonian, September 8). This case raised similar questions to those we have been struggling with in Portland regarding how police handle those with mental illness, and how cuts to state funding have reduced services.


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