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Foxworth's Foxhole:
Portland's Chief Allows for Retreat, Hires From Within

Common Sense Drives New Policy on Shooting at Cars

In March, Portland Police Chief Derrick Foxworth introduced a proposed policy regarding police shooting at moving cars: Get out of the way and don't shoot unless you can't escape. Though the policy is based on recommendations from the Police Assessment Resource Center (see PPR #31), it also reflects community concerns following the shooting death of unarmed motorist Kendra James in 2003.

According to the March 10 Oregonian, the policy "explains that a moving vehicle with an incapacitated driver could become an 'uncontrolled dangerous weapon'," warns that innocent passengers could be harmed, and prohibits officers from using "poor tactics or positioning as justification for discharging a firearm at a moving vehicle." We hope this change leads to fewer incidents such as the two recent shootings where officers fired at cars and missed their targets (see article).

Ex-Captain's "Sweetheart Deal" Proven

On January 24, Chief Foxworth responded to Portland Copwatch's news release about the hiring of former Internal Affairs Captain Darrell Schenck as a consultant to restructure the Bureau's Early Warning System (PPR #34). Noting that Schenck retired in December, we expressed concern that he would receive both retirement pay and a consulting fee to do what should have been part of his job. Foxworth accidentally proved our point by saying that while pondering how to implement an "Early Intervention System" modeled on Phoenix, Denver and Seattle without creating "another command level position to manage...a six month to one year project," they turned to Schenck. Foxworth said the Human Resources bureau explained that as "a short-term contract, it would be cost prohibitive to recruit outside the organization." In other words, Schenck was handed a sweetheart insider deal, just as we alleged.


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