Other Oregon Police Shooting/Deaths in Custody News:

--Chief Foxworth considered firing Sgt. Bert Nederhiser for shooting his gun past other officers during an attempt to apprehend unarmed murder suspect Russel Stoneking in 2002 (Oregonian, January 22). The incident ended when 26-year-old Stoneking (who was not hit) jumped six stories in the Hotel Vintage Plaza, breaking his arms, legs, neck and back. Other officers had fired "beanbags" and Tasers to no avail. The Oregonian reports that Foxworth "cited Nederhiser for not actively participating in the tactical plan...and not being truthful when he claimed a greater leadership role" in the arrest. Later, Nederhiser* was demoted to officer and filed a civil rights lawsuit against the city for "irregularities" in the investigation against him and for releasing "false information" to the media about him (Oregonian, April 8).

--Washington County Sheriff's Deputy Jarrod McCreary shot Kerry Prowse in the leg after a car chase led them to the parking lot of a private school in West Portland. Prowse, 34, allegedly was driving toward one of the deputies on the scene when McCreary fired (KGW-TV, April 15; Washington County Sheriff's Office, April 18).

--On April 4, Descutes County Deputy Justin Alps shot Gregory Willis, 43, after he rammed one police car and attempted to ram a second one during a traffic stop for speeding. Willis was wounded in the shoulder, fled, and was found hiding in a tree. Willis is charged with attempted murder among other crimes (Bend.com, April 7).

--Coos County Sheriff's deputies shot and killed Ronald Oxford, 38, when he ran at them with a knife and hatchet on March 30 (Eugene Register-Guard, April 1).

--Sherman County Sheriff Brad Lohrey shot and killed Cody Jack Childress, 23, during a standoff on March 8 in Grass Valley when he and Oregon State Police Trooper Kaipo Raiser mistook a pair of binoculars for a gun. Lohrey's .40-caliber Glock killed Childress with a bullet to the head. It was the County's first fatal officer-involved shooting (KOIN-TV/AP and Oregon State Police, March 9; Oregonian, April 2).

--On February 12, Clackamas County Deputy Scott King shot and wounded a suspect after an 80- mile-an-hour chase on I-205. The suspect allegedly "exchanged gunfire" with the deputy (Oregonian, Portland Tribune and Clackamas County Sheriff's Office, Februrary 15).

*Note: the print version of PPR identified the officer as Stoneking, we apologize for the error.


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