People's Police Report #36 - September, 2005

Table of Contents

  • Portland Officers Withdrawn from Joint Terrorism Task Force

  • Portland Police Shoot Homeless Black Man, Shooting Rate Lowers

  • Review Board Gets Another Attorney as New Director

  • Drug Free Zones Take Hit from Judge; Renewal Date Approaching

  • Multnomah Sheriff Joins JTTF, Cries Poverty, Helps Anti-Crime Commissioner in "Intervention"

  • People's Police Report Updates September 2005 (Issue #36)
      *Sit/Lie Warnings Handed Out   * Officers File for Whistleblower Protection
      *Officer with Searched Trash Wins in Court   *Lawyer and Friend Win $50,000

  • Quick Flashes: Two Lawsuits Rack Up $985,000

  • Tasers Continue To Lose Juice

  • Foxworth's Foxhole: Chief and Portland Copwatch Agree on Officer ID

  • Rapping Back #36 --Analysis of Police "Union" Newsletter

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