People's Police Report #37 - January, 2006

Table of Contents

  • Police Shoot Suicidal Portland Man in Back,Wound Gunman with 38 Shots
      ...and Sandy/Clackamas Cops Kill Naked Unarmed Man

  • New Report on Portland Police Shootings Calls for More Oversight

  • Portland Police Hands Off as Second Hand Shops Sell Stolen Goods

  • "Drug-Free Zones" Renewal Postponed

  • Downtown Crackdown: Perceptions and Reality in Downtown Portland

  • Portland's Review Board Finds Misconduct in Threats, Adds Advocate for Appeals

  • People's Police Report Updates January 2006 (Issue #37)
      *Sheriff Under Scrutiny   * Neo Nazi Cop Faces More Charges
      *More Buzz on Tasers

  • Quick Flashes: Drug Testing, Perez Report, OPS Section

  • Foxworth's Foxhole: Portland's Chief Volunteers Info to "Watchdogs," Gives to Newspaper on Court Order

  • Rapping Back #37 --Analysis of Police "Union" Newsletter

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