People's Police Report #38 - May, 2006

Table of Contents

  • Portland Police Experience First Taser-Related Death; Lt. Shoots Driver
      ...and Clackamas County Shootings Outnumber Portland's
        ...How the Oregonian Frames Police Shootings
  • Portland Death Tip of the Iceberg on Taser Danger

  • Police Review Board Member Resigns as Threat Case Rejected Again

  • Quick Flashes: "Union" Contract, Fur Protest Arrests, more

  • Updates May 2006 (Issue #38)
    Drug-Free Zones, Downtown Crackdown, Sheriff Giusto, Spying

  • Legal Briefs 38: Towing for minor offense, Searching Trash and Homes

  • Foxworth's Foxhole: Portland's (Ex?) Chief Has Police, Public Perception Issues

  • Rapping Back #38 --Analysis of Police "Union" Newsletter

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