People's Police Report #39 - September, 2006

Table of Contents

  • Racial Profiling Statistics Show Little Change Since 2001

  • Portland Police Shoot Man at Recruiting Station and Other Shootings News
      ...Nemesis of Shootings Review Team Holds Conference in Clackamas

  • Chief Sizer Permanently Appointed; Foxworth Demoted for Rumor

  • Review Board Allows Police Threats of Deadly Force in Second Case

  • Quick Flashes: ...Gresham cop crash kills ...Portland pays for dead body ...former PJTTF head cheats,
    ...Seaside cop busted for underage sex, ...Secondhand store ring investigation continues

  • People's Police Report Updates September 2006 (Issue #39)
    ...New Directive Calls for Tasers in Psych Wards ... Giusto ReElected After Inmate Sneaks Sex
    ...Officer Arrests Fur Patron ... Cops Target ZooBombers Again
    ... "I Ain't Got No Home": Sit/Lie Reconsidered

  • Local and National Spying Challenged (includes May Day 2006 news)

  • Legal Briefs 39: Evidence from Illegal Search ok'd; Military Tribunals nixed

  • Rapping Back #39 --Analysis of Police "Union" Newsletter

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