People's Police Report #41 - May, 2007

Table of Contents

  • James Chasse Jr's Death Prompts Changes, Lawsuit, More Questions

  • Pedestrian Stops Three Times Higher for African American Portlanders

  • New Police Shootings Report: Restricted but with Good Suggestions

  • Portland Police: One Shooting in Four Months Hurts Appliance, Not Suspect

  • Wheels of Police Accountability Grind Slowly at "Independent" Police Review Division

  • People's Police Report Updates May, 2007 (Issue #41)
    ...Woman with Diabetes Tasered by Police; Vigil held for Tasered Teen
    ...Sit-Lie Ordinance Postponed; Street Youth Hold Protest at City Hall
    ... Bernie Giusto: "The Teflon Sheriff" aka "Porno Pants"

  • Rapping Back #41 --Analysis of Police "Union" Newsletter

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