People's Police Report #42 - September, 2007

Table of Contents

  • Police Review Board Finally Under Scrutiny

  • Police Use of Force Report Promises Change; Lacks Crucial Data

  • Shootings/Deaths: Portland Police Kill One Man After Neighbors' Call
    ... Regional Shootings News: Stripped-Down Deadly Force Law Passes in Oregon & More

  • Report on the 1st International Copwatch Conference

  • Sizer's Sizeup: Chief Sizer Continues to Talk Community Policing While Militarizing

  • Racial Profiling Committee: Gearing Up Seven Months Later

  • Copwatch Watches Cops at May Day Event

  • Legal Briefs 42:
    ...Appeals Court Overturns Black Man's Conviction Citing Tension Between Police and African-Americans in Portland
    ... Supreme Court Rules Police Ramming Vehicle in High-Speed Chase is "Reasonable Force"
    ...Supreme Court: Passengers Can Challenge Traffic Stop Searches,
    ...Naked Bike Rider Gets Off,
    ...Drug Free Zones: Delay in Report Could Mean Another Extension

  • People's Police Report Updates September, 2007 (Issue #42)
    ...Sheriff Checks Out Accuser in Criminal Database
    ...Sit/Lie Ordinance Passes, Gets Suspended, Then Instituted
    ... Curfew Violators' Moms Cut Class, DA Perseveres
    ... Firefighter Cleared of Criminal Charges and Demoted

  • People's Police Report #42 Quick Flashes:
    ...Private Police: Will the Real Cop Please Stand Up?
    ...Pepper Spray and Crowd Control
    ... PPB Sits Out Immigration Raid

  • Rapping Back #42 --Analysis of Police "Union" Newsletter

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