People's Police Report #43 - January, 2008

Table of Contents

  • Drug-Free Zones Prove Racially Biased, Get Smacked Down by Mayor

  • Pervert Cops Contrast Changes to Bureau's Sexual Assault Unit

  • Gwerder Family Settles Wrongful Death Suit for $500,000 in 2005 Shooting

  • Police Review System Responds to Scrutiny, Holds No Hearings

  • Deadline Looms for Sheriff Giusto--Certification to be Revoked?
    ...Multiple Lawsuits, High Visibility Incidents Rock Sheriff's Office and Portland Police

  • Off Duty Portland Cop Kills Man at Front Door (Shootings PPR #43)

  • Lest We Forget...James Chasse, Jr.'s Death in Police Custody, One Year Later

  • "Don't Tase Me, BRO" (Tasers PPR #43)

  • "Terrorism" News 43:
    ...TOPOFF Exercise Goes Off with a Hitch
    ...Other "Terrorism" news
    ...Mayfield case update

  • People's Police Report Updates January, 2008 (Issue #43)
    ...Seeking Accountability for Rent-A-Cops

    Chief Proposes Cops Use "Least Force Necessary"; "Union" Balks

  • Rapping Back #43 --Analysis of Police "Union" Newsletter
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