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The City, The County, and Federal Immigration (ICE)

Despite the hysteria spawned by the current Administration concerning undocumented persons, the City and County made it clear they have no intention of assisting the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) seize and detain individuals who reside in our community.

Portland Police Bureau Directive 810.10 says members will not assist ICE unless a crime is committed or in case of an emergency, but officers may exchange information with ICE as part of criminal investigations (also see article). On March 22, City Council declared Portland a sanctuary city which will not help ICE deport immigrants.

Sheriff Mike Reese posted the policies of the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office online for public input in March. They say Sheriff's employees assigned to law enforcement branches will not inquire into a person's immigration status for purposes of enforcing federal immigration law. Further, ICE will be provided no greater information or access than is available to the public. If requests fall outside these directions, deputies have to check with supervisors. Reese doubled down on ensuring his officers would not enforce immigration law, something his predecessor Dan Staton adopted reluctantly (PPR #59), after a deputy reportedly helped ICE make arrests at the courthouse (Willamette Week, January 31).

ICE has made several arrests in Portland. One Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival participant was released after community outcry in March. Some churches have declared themselves to be sanctuary sites. Multnomah County court referee Monica Herranz reportedly helped a man elude ICE outside the courthouse by having him leave her chambers through a side door. He was arrested later anyway (Willamette Week, February 27).

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May, 2017
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