Welcome to the Portland Copwatch Web Page

February 20, 2001


We are proud to announce that Portland Copwatch has acquired its own domain name. PLEASE NOTE that it is PORTLANDCOPWATCH.ORG --don't forget the word "Portland."

Please point your browsers to:


Write us at our new email address:


Your email will reach us if you use that address. However, we are encouraging people to use the following addresses to help us sort our inbox more quickly:

For trainings and seminars:


Regarding our newsletter, the People's Police Report:

newsletter@portlandcopwatch.org or

To report an incident with the Portland Police: incidentreport@portlandcopwatch.org

(or call our incident report line at 503-321-5120).

To get on a list for meeting announcements or inquire about upcoming meetings:


We hope to update the web page (and all our materials) in the near future.

Thanks for your support!
--dan handelman
for Portland Copwatch

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