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List of shootings and deaths 1992-July 2015

List of Portland Police Proximity Deaths/Injuries (PPB had involvement but extent is unclear-last updated March 2015)
List of dogs shot by Portland Police 1992-2011

List of deadly force incidents in Oregon 2010-2014

Specific cases:

Keaton Otis--misidentified as gang member & shot 23 times by Portland Police (5/12/10)

Aaron Campbell--Unarmed Man Shot in the Back by Portland Police (1/29/10)

James Chasse, Jr: Man Beaten to Death by Portland Police (9/17/06)

James Jahar Perez: Third Unarmed African American Killed By Police in 25 Months (3/28/04)

Kendra James: Unarmed Woman Shot and Killed at Traffic Stop (5/5/03)

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Portland Police Shootings and Deaths in Custody Background

Outside "Expert" Reviews

  • Brief Analysis of OIR Group's 2014 report on Portland Police shootings
          (3 pages, 12/17/14)
  • Analysis of OIR Group's 2013 report on Portland Police shootings
          (8 pages, 7/16/13)
  • Analysis of OIR Group's 2012 report on Portland Police shootings       (7 pages, 6/5/12)

  • Analysis of PARC's 2006 report on Portland Police shootings       (7 pages, 1/23/07)

  • Analysis of PARC's 2005 report on Portland Police shootings       (9 pages, 9/16/05)

  • Portland Copwatch concerns on PARC's Shootings/Deaths in custody report (6/04)
         AND Updated Portland CW Analysis of Police Bureau Response (6/27/04)

  • Portland Copwatch preliminary analysis of the PARC 2003 Shooings and Deaths in Custody Report (3 pages, 8/25/03)

  • Auditor's proposal excludes citizens from review of police shootings/deaths in custody (3/6/02)

  • Read the Auditor's proposal for shootings review (.pdf format only)

    Police Review Board Reports

  • NEW! Analysis of the January 2015 Police Review Board Report
  • Analysis of the January 2014 Police Review Board Report
  • Analysis of the July 2013 Police Review Board Report

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    Other deadly force incidents:

  • PCW compiles list of shootings which Oregon forgot to do
      • See our NEW! spreadsheet of Oregon deadly force incidents 2010-2014 (updated 1/21/15)
      • Read the NEW! letter to OR Attorney General Rosenblum about the list
      • Check out the article in the Skanner with an interactive map of the shootings

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    Portland Copwatch
    PO Box 42456
    Portland, OR 97242
    (503) 236-3065/ Incident Report Line (503) 321-5120
    e-mail: copwatch@portlandcopwatch.org

    Portland Copwatch is a grassroots, volunteer organization promoting police accountability through citizen action.

    Updated July 10, 2015

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