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The People's Police Report accepts letters for publication. Not all letters can be printed due to space considerations. Write to: PO Box 42456, Portland, OR 97242 or newsletter@portlandcopwatch.org.

The following email was received on April 5, shortly after publication of PPR #23. It came from Will Aitchison, the attorney for the Portland Police Association, the "police union." Aitchison sat on the Mayor's PIIAC work group with us last year, challenging most every aspect that would give the review board more independence. This is the exact text of his note:

Subject: Latest Newsletter


I was about to ask you a substantive question about your last newsletter. You know, something like "How can you possibly call someone a victim of police abuse when a neutral federal court jury specifically found she wasn't abused?"

Then I found something more personal. "Outspoken Police Association President Will Aitchison"??? I may be a lot of things, but "outspoken?" I might go for "soft-spoken," would delight in "well-spoken," and could even humbly accept "authoritatively-spoken," but "outspoken" I'm not.

Hope all is well with you,


For those of you playing along at home, Aitchison's callous comment about a "neutral" federal jury referred to the all-white jury in Dora McCrae's case overturning a previous jury's finding of excessive use of force used by police against the African American grandmother. More telling, Aitchison misquoted our article, which correctly identified him as PPA Attorney. Dr. Freud and a number of officers who feel Aitchison runs the "union" will probably all have a lot to say about him referring to himself as the "President" of the PPA.

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August, 2001
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Portland Copwatch is a grassroots, volunteer organization promoting police accountability through citizen action.

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