People's Police Report #31 - January 2004

Table of Contents

  • Chief Kroeker Resigns Under Pressure
  • Shootings Review Questions Police Tactics
       ...While the "Independent" Police Review Division Regroups

  • Kendra James Case Continues to Reverberate
  • City Council Renews Police Terrorism Task Force
       Simultaneously Passing Resolution Against USA-PATRIOT Act

  • Officer Who Killed José Mejía Shoots Young Asian-American Man
  • Jury Finds No Excessive Force in Death of Damon Lowery
  • Foxworth's Foxhole: In the Trenches With Portland's New Police Chief
  • UPDATES PPR #31:
      Tasers Hit a New Nerve
      Off-Duty Beating Cover-Up Cops Punished, City Pays Victim $75,000
      TV Cop Jensen Returns to Force, May Be Fired
      Strange Twists in 2002 Bush Protest Lawsuit
      Portland 7 Get Years in Jail; Most "Terrorists" Get 2 Weeks
      "Gang" List to Expand?

  • Quick Flashes: Officer with Gorilla Doll Offends Hip-Hop Crowd and more
  • Rogue "Solutions Guy" Officer Targets Homeless
  • Update on Sit/Lie(/Stand) Ordinance
  • Crime Prevention Specialists Get New Duties

  • Rapping Back #31 --Analysis of Police "Union" Newsletter

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