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Family Settles Suit Involving Excessive Force in House Raid

The family of Sung Koo Kim, once considered a person of interest in the 2004 abduction of Brooke Wilberger in Corvallis, will receive $331,000 from the State of Oregon for State Police using excessive force while executing a search warrant at the Kims' Washington County home. While no evidence was found in the Wilberger case, police did find undergarments stolen from college campuses and pornographic images on Kim's computer. According to the lawsuit, police entered the Kim home in the middle of the night and shot Kim's father, Joo, with a rubber bullet, claiming he refused to stop moving toward two firearms in Kim's room. The bullet caused internal bleeding and scarring. Kim's mother, Dong, alleged that the family was traumatized by the violent search and the allegations against her son, who was subsequently found to have no connection with the Wilberger case. Kim is currently in prison on charges of burglary, theft and encouraging child sex abuse based on information found on his computer.

The state police made no admission of wrongdoing and a spokesman for the Oregon Department of Justice stated the settlement was based in part on possible technical errors in the warrant and to spare the jury and the Kim family from the materials found in the home (Oregonian, October 22).

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