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Other Portland Area Police Shootings News: Clackamas Craziness
68-year-old Pot Suspect Killed; SWAT Shooting; Kaady case Moves Forward; Clatskanie Man Shot in Hand

On March 4, Clackamas County Deputies Brian Lister and Jesse Ashby were involved in the shooting death of Hubert Henkel when they arrived at his Canby home to enforce a drug warrant (Clackamas Sheriff's Department, March 7). The 68-year-old was wanted for growing marijuana, and apparently came to the door with a gun at 10:30 PM when the police arrived. His 80 year old companion, Marjorie Crawford, was arrested after the shooting (Salem-News.com, March 7). About a year earlier, on February 7, 2008 Lister shot and killed Aaron Ganon, 31, who was allegedly suicidal and brandishing a gun after driving away from his home in Clackamas (PPR #44). We hope the Clackamas Sheriff will consider terminating Lister's career after two back-to-back incidents with people who could possibly have been in mental health crisis.

On April 21, a Clackamas County Sheriff's SWAT team shot Bradley Snell, 38, in Milwaukie, after he allegedly took a woman hostage, threatening to kill her and her children unless he got drugs. Snell reportedly died after "resisting arrest" (Clackamas Review on line, April 21).

In the 2005 Clackamas County shooting death of Fouad Kaady (PPR #37), U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul Papak ruled that the family's lawsuit could proceed because Sandy Officer William Bergin "should have known he wasn't allowed to use a Taser against someone who doesn't pose an immediate threat but has simply failed to comply with commands" (Willamette Week Wire, Feb 24). The ruling makes it possible for the civil rights trial to begin. Bergin resigned late last year after being indicted on criminal charges related to distributing suspended drivers' licenses to minors who wanted to buy alcohol, and he was disciplined in 2007 after an arrest for DUII (Sandy Post, November 14).

Also involved in the Kaady shooting was Clackamas Sheriff's Deputy David Willard.

In Clatskanie, Columbia County Deputy David Fuller wrestled with Eric Toftemark, 35, over a shotgun on April 13. Somehow, Toftemark was shot in the hand by his own gun and went to the hospital. The incident began when the man's mother complained that he was "inactive and lazy" (KATU-TV, April 13 and Associated Press April 14.)

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May, 2009
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