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Sheriff's Candidates Relate Positions

In a confusing election this May, two races for Multnomah County Sheriff will take place. One is to fill out Sheriff Bernie Giusto's 2007-2010 term, which became Sheriff Bob Skipper's term until he resigned after failing law enforcement certification (PPR #48). The other is for the 2011-2014 term.

Running for the office are incumbent Dan Staton, who was appointed to replace Skipper, and Deputy Muhammad Ra'oof, who ran against Skipper in 2008. At an April 15 candidates' forum, they discussed their ideas. As we do not endorse candidates for office, we share this for informational purposes only:

Both candidates support the idea of a civilian review board for the MCSO. Staton said that, if elected, he would see such a board created. He envisions a board that would not handle "day-to- day" affairs, but focus on an occasional review of IA findings. Additionally, the citizens on the board would be selected by the sheriff's office. Ra'oof was less specific, saying that if he is elected, a civilian review board "will happen," and that such a board is "good practice."

The two candidates differed on their ideas for the unused Wapato jail facility. Ra'oof suggested that it be used as a mental health crisis facility, while Staton thinks it would be better as a training facility for corrections officers.

Both Candidates held similar positions on a number of other issues, including being opposed to any further cuts to the services MCSO provides. Both seek partnerships with other law enforcement agencies as a way to increase efficiency and continuity of services in a period of declining budgets.

The election is of great interest after County Chair Ted Wheeler, who was seeking ways the Commission could control the Sheriff's office through the budget process, was replaced by Commissioner Jeff Cogen in March. Wheeler was tapped to be State Treasurer after Ben Westlund died.

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