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Police Involved Shootings/Deaths Around the State May Double
Two High- Profile Lawsuits End In Mistrial, Not Guilty Finding

While there were, by our count, only nine officer-involved shootings or deaths in custody cases in Oregon in all of 2009, it appears that there were at least twelve by July 8 of 2010, setting us on course to double that total.* Here is the list of shootings and deaths this year to date (corrections gladly accepted):

      January 29: Aaron Campbell shot and killed by Portland Police (Portland)

      March 22: Jack Dale Collins shot and killed by Portland Police (Portland)

      March 30: Billy Jack Gray, 23, shot and wounded by Marion County Sheriff's Deputy after Gray
           shot and wounded a Woodburn officer (Salem)

      April 10: Taser-related death of Daniel Barga, 24, by Cornelius and Forest Grove police (PPR #50);
           Medical Examiner claims the cause was "Excited delirium" (Cornelius)

      April 30: Iraq veteran Adam Wehniger, 34, shot to death by Jackson County deputies (Eagle Point)

      May 12: Keaton Otis shot and killed by Portland Police (Portland)

      May 19: Shooting death of Andrew Meade, 23, by Clackamas Deputies (Happy Valley)

      May 30: Scott Campbell, 37, shot and wounded by Oregon State Police (Clackamas County)

      June 3: Suspect Sepp Tokanaga wounded in leg after shooting Hillsboro officer in shoulder;
           Washington County Sheriff's deputies involved in shooting (Hillsboro)

      June 17: Shooting death of Diosdado Pabingwit, 51, by Hillsboro police (Hillsboro)

      July 1: Mary Diershaw, 50, shot in the arm by Washington County Sheriffs Deputies (Aloha)

      July 8: Taser-related death of 87-year-old Phyllis Owens after Clackamas Deputies zapped her.
           The medical examiner checked her pacemaker but results have not been reported (Boring)

It seems as though there are now more people in emotional/psychological crisis, and it may have more to do with the economy than the state of mental health care. Nevertheless, as with James Chasse, Jr, none of these people likely would have died if not for the actions of law enforcement.

We hope to check into whether the state has been tracking these shootings as required by Senate Bill 111 (PPR #35).

Also in the recent months, two lawsuits involving Washington County Sheriff's deputies made it to federal court. The October 2006 death of Jordan Case, who was killed for allegedly reaching into a police car while high on mushrooms (PPR #40), led to a hung jury and a mistrial in May. The civil trial about the September 2006 shooting of Lukus Glenn (also PPR #40) ended with a judge ruling in favor of the officers, leaving the family heartbroken.

*This does not include the off duty Clackamas Deputy who killed his wife and himself in February.


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