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Review Board Report Reveals Cops Out of Policy

The Police Review Board (PRB) released its first report in early July. In addition to information about the Jack Collins shooting (see shootings article):

• Two cases involved profanity and racial profiling. In one, a supervising Sergeant was found out of policy ("Sustained") for not reporting the profiling allegation. The other, which may be the case of three men terrorized in a parking garage (leading to a $175,000 jury award-- PPR #49), led to just one "Sustained" finding: An officer improperly used profanity when he said either "Shut up, prick" or "Shut the fuck up." Other allegations were not sustained.

• An officer kicked a person in the head and tasered him 7-10 times, with the Taser recording device malfunctioning in the struggle. Unfortunately, the findings were "Unproven" regarding the head kick and number of Taser uses (though two members voted to "Sustain" the kicking complaint, they did not prevail) and "Exonerated" for the use of the Taser.

• Two preventable accidents led to two officers receiving "Sustained" findings.

• After a 33 month interval, one Commander reversed his original "Sustained" finding against an officer for not cooperating in what may be a separate profiling/epithet investigation. The final finding was "Unproven."


September, 2011
Also in PPR #54

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Review Board Report Reveals
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Drug Impact Areas Controversial
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Quick Flashes:
    Drunk, Angry&Pervo cops

  • Drunk cops get light punishment
  • Traffic cop pulls gun in road rage
  • Pervocop expunges record
  • Young Black Man Catatonic After Arrest
Rapping Back 54

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