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Lull in Portland While Law Enforcement Shootings Continue Around Oregon

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In the past few months, at least six officer involved shootings have taken place around the state even while Portland has not seen a human shot or dead in custody since the early July death of Darris Johnson (PPR #54).

--On October 17, Salem officers Rogers Smith and Laura Sleeted shot and killed 22 year old Dru Garret Larson, who allegedly tried to run them over with a stolen car after crashing it when they chased him (KOIN-TV, October 18).

--On October 12, Myrtle Creek Officers shot and killed John Bocock, 58, who they say shot and wounded another man he suspected of sleeping with his "estranged wife" (Oregonian, October 14).

--An off-duty Portland Federal Protective Service officer shot at an alleged intruder at his house in Warren late on October 9 (Oregonian, October 11). Robert Clement, 38, was later taken into custody with a bullet wound in his shoulder (South County Spotlight on line, October 26).

--On September 19, Pendleton Police Officer Erik Palmer shot and wounded 49 year old Mark McMillan, who was suicidal and allegedly pointed a gun at him. Palmer also was involved in Pendleton's last police shooting, in 2008, when he killed another suicidal man (East Oregonian, September 28).

--A corrections officer at the Ontario Snake River prison shot and wounded Kevin Jackson, 21, an inmate who was allegedly involved in assaulting another on August 19 (Oregonian, August 20 & 23).

--The tiny town of Elgin (pop. 1711) may turn over law enforcement to the Union County Sheriff after their sole officer, Eric Kilpatrick, shot and killed Richard Shafer, 60, who had been holding an assault rifle on August 1 (Oregonian, September 7).

Also, the family of Lukus Glenn, killed by Washington County Sheriff's Deputies in 2006 (PPR #40) were granted a new trial in their lawsuit when the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a Portland District judge's ruling that had summarily dismissed the case (Oregonian, November 5). bullet hole


January, 2012
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