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More Promotions for Questionable Cops; Few for People of Color

On July 9, the Police Bureau welcomed 11 new hires, including four people of color, and promoted 17 others. While one person promoted was African American Sergeant (now Lieutenant) Paul Weatheroy, no other people of color were moved up in the ranks.

Oregonian Headline Meanwhile, one cop promoted to Lieutenant was Terry Kruger, who shot Deontae Keller, a 20 year old African American man, in the back in 1996 (PPR #9) and Ronald Riebling, a man who was armed with an umbrella, in 2005 (PPR #35). James Darby, one of the officers responsible for beating Dickie Dow to death in 1998 (PPR #16) was promoted to Sergeant. Donna Henderson, who was Commander of the Transit Division when James Chasse was beaten to death (PPR #40), but who the upper management shielded from internal inquiries despite her encouraging the Division to take no prisoners, must have been demoted at some point as she was again promoted to Commander (PPR #51).

The command staff lacks diversity, and these promotions do little to change that. In addition, we'd hope that promotions would include less controversial choices in the future... weren't the promotions of "million dollar man" Leo Besner and Nazi role-player Mark Kruger (PPR #52) enough?

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September, 2012
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