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Multnomah Sheriff Told: Stop Collaborating with Deportations

In November, PCW joined with many other organizations in requesting Multnomah County Sheriff Dan Staton to refuse Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) requests for holds on people detained in the jails. ICE makes these requests when an arrestee's immigration status is questioned.

For people without documentation, police interactions may be the first step to deportation. Thus, a Porltand officer may be the only point of contact for a person's family before that person begins the deportation process. People are less inclined to report a crime or share community concerns with police knowing the risks involved.

On October 22, over 70 people delivered a letter to the Sheriff's office demanding a response to their request to end the ICE collaboration. A second demonstration held December 10 led to a direct dialogue with the Sheriff. As of PPR deadline, Staton has not responded, a no-show at a promised December 17 follow-up.

  People's Police Report

January, 2013
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Rapping Back #58

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