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Scandal Pushes Out Chief's Friend While Nazi Cop Stays Put:
Will the Band Play On?

Mike Kuykendall, former Police Bureau Director of Services and member of Chief Mike Reese's band, "The Usual Suspects," has resigned and helped create full employment for various attorneys. Kuykendall, previously with the Portland Business Alliance and a proud supporter of Portland's various sit/lie ordinances, resigned due to a series of unprofessional text messages between him and Lieutenant Kristy Galvan regarding Captain Mark Kruger, Galvan's boss at East Precinct. Kruger is best known for a Nazi display he erected on Rocky Butte and dressing in Nazi uniform for various war enactments (PPR #52). In the texts, Kuykendall referenced Kruger's not having read a book since Mein Kampf and the Nazi Blitz of Poland, while Galvin referred to her working conditions as being like a concentration camp and said that Kruger would be a good fit at Auschwitz (Portland Mercury, February 6). Kuykendall resigned and indicated he was only using humor to make Galvin feel better about her job situation.

In his position at the PPB, Kuykendall was responsible for Internal Affairs as well as personnel, training and other business divisions. Lt. Galvin had previously worked in Internal Affairs and signed off on the internal investigation that led to Kruger's suspension for his Nazi memorial plaques. When she was promoted she was assigned to East Precinct, where Kruger was commander and that did not prove to be a good working relationship (Oregonian, February 5). In July, Galvan filed a harassment and gender discrimination complaint against Kruger with the Bureau of Human Resources. In September, she provided the text messages to Internal Affairs. Galvan was reassigned to another precinct and is currently on disability leave. Both Kruger and Galvan have filed tort claim notices with the City. Galvan's complaint alleges harsh treatment by Kruger and other commanders and that the texts with Kuykendall were provided to the Portland Police Commanding Officers Association and thus to Kruger, in spite of the fact she had been assured they would be confidential. For his part, Kruger is claiming possible harassment and slander claims.

  People's Police Report

May, 2013
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