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Large Number of Oregon Police Involved in Criminal Activity

Portland and other Oregon municipalities have experienced an unusual spike in cops being busted for a variety of unsavory crimes.

-- Portland officer Scott Elliott, who was arrested in 2012 on child sex abuse charges, was sentenced in late April to five years in prison (Oregonian, April 25).

-- Beaverton Officer Christopher Warren was arrested on charges of raping a five year old girl after already having pleaded not guilty to fraud charges related to food stamps (Oregonian, May 24).

-- Clackamas County deputy Shawn Heikkila was arrested on domestic violence charges including unlawful use of a weapon (Oregonian, April 27).

-- Washington County deputy Eric Gargalis was put on leave during a criminal investigation after an off-duty fight at a party that resulted in Gargalis receiving facial injuries and "losing control of his personal firearm" (Oregonian, April 30).

-- Oregon State Police Trooper Jose Cortez pleaded guilty to official misconduct after he was accused of fondling a woman at a traffic stop (Oregonian, May 8).

-- Marion County jail security aide Nathanial Johnston was charged with official misconduct for "'inappropirate actions' with female inmates" (Oregonian, May 24).

-- Former Eugene police officer Stefan Zeltvay pleaded guilty to sex abuse charges based on sexual touching and inapppropriate comments he made to four other department employees, "a fellow officer's wife and a neighbor" (Oregonian, July 25).

-- Wallowa County deputy Daniel Courtney was arrested on assault charges for shooting and wounding a relative (Oregonian, July 16).

-- Former city of Jefferson police officer Colby McCormick blamed Gulf War Syndrome for his collection of videos featuring sexual abuse of girls; he pleaded guilty to child sexual abuse charges and was sentenced to three years (Oregonian, July 13).

-- In a follow-up to a 2011 drunk driving incident that led to a guilty plea and a diversion program, former Gresham officer Jason Servo sued the city for failing to accomodate his disability... alcoholism (Oregonian, April 27).

-- "A federal grand jury indicted 18 people, including a former Coos County sheriff's deputy [John Wesley Walker] and his wife, a Romanian princess, in connection with a cockfighting operation in eastern Oregon." What more could we add to this lead sentence from KGW's August 16 story?

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