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Quick Flashes PPR #63

Pastor's (Other) Grandson Tasered, City Pays $110,000

On July 30, Portland City Council agreed to award $110,000 to settle a federal civil rights lawsuit filed by Daniel Collins, who accused officers Darrell Shaw (#28923), Matthew Delenikos (#21331), Gregory Burn (#42554) and David Abrahamson (#39564) of violent use of force against him in front of a nightclub on December 24, 2010. Collins alleged he was repeatedly punched in the face, kneed in the back and stunned with a Taser. He lost consciousness and was taken to OHSU Hospital for treatment. Although he was cited for interfering with a peace officer and resisting arrest, the District Attorney's Office did not press charges. According to Collins, he was just trying to leave the club when he was confronted by the officers (Oregonlive, July 25). Collins, a college student at the time, is the grandson of Pastor Mary Overstreet--also grandmother to Sir Millage, who was hit by Tasers 13 times and struck with batons in December 2006 (PPR #40). Millage was awarded $37,000 to settle his lawsuit (PPR #57).

As for the officers themselves:

* Shaw shot Vernon Allen, a homeless black man, in 2005, even though Allen was armed only with a knife and was surrounded by cops (PPR #36); was on the Portland Tribune's list of users of force in 2004 after he sent 8 people to the hospital; was listed in a 2011 lawsuit as having 33 Internal Affairs complaints; and, as reported in PPR #31, infamously drove around a club during a hip hop show with a gorilla in the grille of his police cruiser (but we're sure he's not racist or anything).

* Delenikos was named along with Shaw by a whistleblowing female recruit who ended up quitting the Bureau, because they both used unwarranted force while training her and made light of it.

* Abrahamson refused to write a report after a security guard hit a skateboarder over the head with his own board (PPR #52). Contrast this to the outrage sparked when a homeless youth hit another civilian with a skateboard last year (PPR #60).

PPB desk clerk Kathryn Jones was awarded $30,000 in a claim that Commander Mike Leloff, Chief Mike Reese and the Bureau unjustly fired her after she allegedly over-used medical leave time and the Bureau tried forcing her to reveal her home address, despite her status as a survivor of domestic violence; the City fired her in 2012 but the lawsuit provided that be changed to indicate she resigned (Oregonlive, April 30).

At about the same time, Lieutenant Rachel Andrew filed a $300,000 claim against Chief Reese, Captain Chris Davis and the Bureau for retaliation after she investigated Davis for misconduct (Portland Mercury, April 30).

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Gas Thieving State Commander Sentenced, Loses Certification

In June, Oregon State Police Commander Jeff Lanz resigned as captain in charge of their office of Professional Standards after pleading guilty to first degree official misconduct. Lanz had been using a state issued fuel card for his personal vehicle. He was sentenced to three days in jail and one year of probation. He also lost his law enforcement certification for his lifetime (Oregonlive, June 19).

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St. Louis Area Shooting Rocks the Nation

In August, the shooting of unarmed 18 year old Mike Brown, an African American, by officers in Ferguson, MO led to outrage across the country. At least four solidarity actions were held in Portland. The incident has brought to light many important issues including racial profiling, excessive force, and militarization of the police.

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September, 2014
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