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Police Presence Minimal at May Day 2016; Issues on Officer Identification

Portland Copwatch attended the 2016 May Day festivities in the South Park Blocks to observe police behavior. Probably because the event was stationary, there were a limited number of officers present and many of the issues from past years (video-ing participants, lack of name tags-- PPRs #63& 66) were not visible. However, we did observe one community member who asked police for business cards. He reported the officers were rude, and said they were conducting reconnaissance, so didnšt have to give their cards. We followed up by questioning another set of officers if they thought they had to give their business cards upon request as outlined in Directive 312.50.

The policy says the only exceptions for officers giving out a business card upon request by a community member are: (1) it would compromise officer safety; (2) it would impair the performance of duties at a police scene; or (3) a supervisor has relieved the member of the mandate.

It adds that officers are required to document refusals to provide information in a police report.

The second set of officers felt if they were engaged in active police duties they were relieved of the requirement. Itšs our understanding that the 2009 changes to the Directive requiring business cards be handed out was to improve community-police relations, and the provision asking officers to document refusals indicates it should be a rare occurrence. On August 15, PCW sent this information to Chief Marshman (the third Chief of the PPB since May Day, with Chief OšDea on leave/retiring and Chief Henderson promoted/demoted/retired) with a suggestion that the Bureau do refresher training on the Directive. Marshman wrote back the next day promising to address identification in the 2017 in-service training.

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