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Reese's County Pieces:
Problems Plague Jail, Deputy Violates Law by Yelling "Trump!"

Multnomah County jails might be the least safe place to be, especially for those with mental illness. A 55 year old man with schizophrenia who allegedly charged at a deputy was tasered twice. The deputy then pounded the man's face. He was taken to the ER with eight fractures. The use of force was found in policy by the Sheriff's Office. Another inmate was tased, hit his head, and was put in a restraint chair. A supervisor found that deputy violated policy, but the District Attorney refused to press charges. Former Portland Police Chief/current Sheriff Mike Reese promised internal investigations and transferred the involved deputies to positions with no detainee contact. Disability Rights Oregon estimates up to 80% of inmates have some form of mental illness, but medical care is "woefully inadequate," and they are frequently subjected to the harshest correctional techniques (Oregonian, March 1). The report also found African Americans, who make up 20% of the jail population, are twice as likely to be disciplined, to have physical force used against them, and to be "voluntarily" restrained.

Reese strongly favors consolidating his office with the Police Bureau. This idea has the support of Mayor Ted Wheeler and County Chair Deborah Kafoury. Reese maintains this would not be a merger, but a collaboration and consolidation, with officers under a unified command, like TriMet police. Such a collaboration would include many involved issues-- especially accountability. The unions representing the police and the deputies described this plan as difficult (Portland Tribune, December 29).

In their blog on election day (November 8), the Portland Mercury reported a Multnomah County Sheriff's vehicle passed by people waiting to turn in their ballots at election headquarters on 11th and Morrison. The passenger, Deputy Jason Vetter, was pumping his fist and yelling "Trump. Trump!" The Secretary of State's office found Vetter violated Oregon election laws, as it is illegal for county employees to campaign during work hours. He was fined $75.00 (Mercury Blog, January 24). An internal investigation will determine if he also violated County policy.

  People's Police Report

May, 2017
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