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Updates PPR #72

Chief O'Dea Would've Been Fired for Lying

The City found former Portland Police Chief Larry O'Dea, who shot his friend while squirrel hunting last year (PPR #69), violated policy on conduct (bringing reproach and discredit on the Bureau by negligently discharging his gun and delaying notice), by failing to notify someone (perhaps the Harney County Sheriff?), and by being untruthful with investigators. He was also found to have failed to report a bias complaint and lied about that. The Mayor's July 6 letter says O'Dea would have been fired had he not retired.

Mohamed Mohamud's Case Heads to US Supreme Court

Mohamed Mohamud, the then-teenager set up by an FBI sting in a convoluted plot involving fake explosives at Pioneer Square in 2010 (PPR #52), is appealing his conviction to the US Supreme Court. Mohamud's lawyers filed a motion in July asking that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmation of Mohamud's conviction (PPR #71) be revisited based on the government's warrantless surveillance of Mohamud and mistakes made in the previous trial that the Appeals court acknowledged but shrugged off (Oregonian, July 15).

Training Advisory Council Looks at Tasers, Force Data and Policy

The Bureau's Training Advisory Council (TAC) met in May and July to get data on police Use of Force and discuss concerns around Bureau training and policy on force, specifically use of Tasers. They were working on recommendations when the Bureau released a new Force Directive not long before their July 12 meeting (article). TAC co-chair Sushanah Boston worked on specific comments to the Force policy and the group agreed to post those, along with their Taser training ideas, to the TAC website. Captian Mike Krantz, then the "Inspector," presented the force statistics in May. During a break, many of the officers huddled and disappeared-- it turned out Terrell Johnson was killed (article) while people were in the Training facility talking about police use of force. The new force data report has one major improvement as suggested by TAC (and Portland Copwatch): The demographics of people subjected to force are back on the front page. This means one does not have to dig around to see that 30% of the force used by Portland Police from October to December was against African American Portlanders (which is on the high end of the average).

The fourth quarter Force report is at portlandoregon.gov/police/article/63 7916

  People's Police Report

September, 2017
Also in PPR #72

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Quick Flashes PPR 72
  • Mounted Patrol Closed Down
  • Students Decry School Police
  • PPB Makes National News
  • New Chief Outlaw to Replace Marshman
Updates PPR 72
  • Chief O'Dea Would've Been Fired for Lying
  • Mohamud Case Heads to US Supreme Court
  • Training Council Looks at Tasers, Force Data
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