April 20, 2004

According to the Portland Police Bureau time line and alleged sequence of events, it is our understanding that the shooting of James Perez occurred within twenty-four (24) seconds of the traffic stop. It seems highly improbable that all the alleged actions occurred within this specific period ending in the result of the wrongful death of an unarmed Portland citizen still secured in his seatbelt.

We are demanding justice and truth in this Grand Jury process-surrounding the officer involved shooting with deadly force of James Perez. We urge the District Attorney to call forth and enter sworn testimony of all witnesses to this case and not a selected or biased selection of witnesses. We are further demanding that questions to witnesses are probative to ascertain the truth of facts in this case. We believe and are demanding that all witnesses to the case should testify before the Grand Jury without exception, even of testimony that is controversial and or contradictory to other testimony and none left out so that justice and truth will prevail in this case. We would hope there is not a repeat of the Kendra James case where a sworn officer of the Portland Police Bureau will enter testimony in the Grand Jury process and contradictory testimony later.

We are demanding truth and justice in this matter now!

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