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Portland Copwatch : Cool Links

Local groups (Oregon)
City of Portland
Copwatch Groups Around The Nation


  • Amnesty International
      Amnesty focusing on police brutality in the U.S.
      Also see Amnesty's page on Race, Rights and Police Brutality
  • The American Civil Liberties Union's police practices page.
  • Anti-Racist Action
  • Stop Police Abuse national list-serv (on Riseup)
  • Shielded from Justice:
      The Human Rights Watch report on Police Brutality in the U.S.
  • National Police Complaint Center
  • Oct. 22 Coalition Against Police Brutality

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  • Albina Ministerial Alliance Coalition for Justice and Police Reform
      Reshaped in 2010 after the shooting of Aaron Campbell.
  • ACLU of Oregon
      Protecting Civil Liberties, including strong work on oversight
      for the Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force.
  • Call To Safety
      24/7 Crisis and resource line (Formerly Portland Women's Crisis Line)
      Phone: 503-235-5333
  • Flying Focus Video Collective
      Has DVDs/tapes of national conferences and local police issues.
  • Partnership for Safety and Justice
      Formerly the Western Prison Project, unites people convicted of crime,
      survivors of crime, and their families to redirect policies away from incarceration
      toward strategies that reduce violence and increase safety.
  • Portland Immigrant Rights Coalition
      Call their hotline at 888-622-1510 for resources and to report ICE raids
  • Unite Oregon
      Unite Oregon's Listening Sessions Report can be found here
  • We are not affiliated with Rose City Copwatch
      Note that Copwatch is a movement, not a franchise

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    City of Portland and related sites

  • The "Independent" Police Review Division (IPR) and its Citizen Review Committee (CRC)
      Portland's current version of a civilian review board.
      IPR's complaint form
      (How to file complaint with the IPR)
      Note: In 2022 we are looking for the IPR Appeal form
      which we previously included as a community service.
      OK, maybe these aren't cool, but you should see what they have to say

    Also see

  • Portland Police Directives
  • NEW! 8/22 PPA contract 2021-2025
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    Copwatch Groups Around The Nation (and similar locally-based organizations)

    Note: Copwatch is a movement, not an organization, in the sense that these groups are not "franchises." Each group has its own strategies and tactics, though we all share the common goal of ending police misconduct.

  • Berkeley Copwatch
    Portland Copwatch owes a great debt of gratitude to Berkeley CW for much of its start-up information.
  • Copwatch LA (Los Angeles) Facebook
          •Los Angeles Copwatch how-to pamphlet
  • San Jose Copwatch Facebook
  • Redwood Curtain (Northern CA) Copwatch
  • San Francisco Police Watch - Ella Baker Center for Human Rights (unclear if active 8/22)
  • Olympia Copwatch Facebook
  • Phoenix Copwatch
  • Communities United Against Police Brutality (Minneapolis)

    International Copwatch groups:

  • Winnipeg (Manitoba) Copwatch (unclear if active 8/22)
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    Local groups (Oregon)
    City of Portland
    Other Copwatch Groups

    Portland Copwatch
    PO Box 42456
    Portland, OR 97242
    (503) 236-3065/ Incident Report Line (503) 321-5120
    e-mail: copwatch@portlandcopwatch.org
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    Portland Copwatch is a grassroots, volunteer organization promoting police accountability through citizen action.

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