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Top 25 Settlements: Portland Police Incidents settled 1993-2020 (revised Sept 2020)
totalling roughly $12 million*****
Note: Some amounts are settlements, other are jury awards or judgments

      Name                                                                 Amount          Date settled     Incident date         Brief notes
  1. William Monroe**                                  $2,300,000.00          6/5/13           6/30/11               Use of force (live rounds/less lethal gun)
  2. Family of James Chasse, Jr                   $1,600,000.00          7/28/10           9/17/06               Use of force (beating led to death)
  3. Family of Aaron Campbell                       $1,200,000.00           2/1/12         1/29/10            Shooting (died)
  4. Family of Lane Martin*                                 $975,000.00           9/9/20         7/30/19            Shooting (died)
  5. Protestors August 2002&May 2003              $845,000.00          12/1/04          8/22/02          Use of force (pepper spray)
  6. Family of Damon Lowery                                 $600,000.00           9/29/14          12/5/99          Use of force (leading to death)
  7. Jason Cox*                                              $562,129.00 (jury)        6/25/05           6/28/11          Use of force
  8. Family of Raymond Gwerder                          $500,000.00          11/14/07          11/4/05          Shooting (died)
  9. Barbara& Ted Vickers, Estate of Dickie Dow       $380,000.00          3/27/02          10/19/98          Wrongful death/Dickie Dow
  10. Family of James Jahar Perez                          $350,359.00           9/3/08           3/28/04          Shooting (died)
  11. Daniel Thomas***                                             $311,000.00    3/14/08&9/28/04    7/11/03          Use of force
  12. Dan Halsted                                               $258,040.00 (jury)     3/14/12           6/17/08          Use of force (Taser)
  13. Gallagher Smith*                                  $306,000 (settlement/jury)   7/24/13           11/13/10          Use of force
  14. Bruce Browne                                                  $200,895.00          4/1/03              7/11/01          Shooting (lived)
  15. Family of Dennis Young                              $200,000.00           10/8/08           1/4/06          Shooting (died)
  16. Maria-Janeth Rodriguez-Sanchez                    $177,161.41    12/2/05&8/3/05     4/8/03          Use of force
  17. Harold Hammick, Ri'Chard Booth & Alex Clay     $175,000.00 (jury)     9/23/09     3/17/07       Mistreatment (pointing guns and more)
  18. Family of Peter Gilbaugh                                $150,000.00          10/1/02          12/31/98          Shooting (died)
  19. Barbara Weich                                                    $150,000.00          1/2/08             5/29/05          Use of force (broken arm)
  20. Eunice Crowder                                                  $145,000.00          4/23/04          6/9/03          Use of force (including Taser)
  21. Chaz Miller                                                       $133,926.06         6/21/06          4/21/03          Use of Force/wrong person arrested
  22. Ethiopia Amdino*                                        $125,000.00           5/27/20          4/19/18           Car crash during improper chase****
  23. Daynelle & Claudius Banks**                            $120,000.00          3/18/20          3/21/15          Discrimination (race)
  24. Gerald Gratton                                                  $118,000.00          4/4/94          7/19/93          Shooting (lived)
  25. Daniel Collins**                                                  $110,000.00          7/30/14          12/24/10          Use of Force (Taser)

     Total                                               $11,992,510.47

Sources: Portland Office of Risk Management, Portland Office of Management and Finance, Portland City Auditor's Office and various news agencies

This chart should be published regularly by the City to let people know what police misconduct is costing the people of Portland. Sure, they can argue that in cases that were settled out of court they never admitted wrongdoing, but if they felt they had a sure chance to win, they'd defend their officers. The $12 million total for just these 25 cases does not include another $3.9 million paid out to nearly 250 other people from 1993-2020. With an average of nearly $600,000 per year, the City could be paying for several civilian investigators to staff an independent police review board. Perhaps with ongoing external monitoring, the frequency of such cases would decline.

An additional $4,513,000 was paid out in two negligence cases where police inaction led to disastrous results; PCW counts these separately from the active misconduct cases.

Moreover, in 2020 we reviewed City Council records for seven years, with data showing that from 2013-2020 the City paid out at least $878,079.46 for 33 officer-related auto accidents, an average cost of $26,608 per crash.*

When we compared the average annual totals for misconduct incidents between 1993 and 2001 ($382,000) and from 2002-June 2011 ($636,000), it revealed that the advent of Portland's "Independent" Police Review (IPR) in 2002 has done little to slow the lawsuits or the misconduct that generates them, and in fact it may be that more people are turning to the courts rather than using the civilian complaint system (see People's Police Report #44, May 2008).

--Some of the amounts shown include the City's legal expenses, making them appear higher than the settlements alone. But since this expense comes back to you, the taxpayer, we feel all expenses should be included when known. For example, the case involving protestors harmed at actions in 2002 and 2003 includes attorney fees.

--To be absolutely clear, the City is self-insured through the office of Risk Management, but settlements/awards of over $1 million are paid by an external insurance company.

*-new info or new settlement/judgment since top 25 list of March 2020.
    The settlement for Lane Martin's family was scheduled to be accepted by City Council 2 days after this was posted
    Two other additions were jury awards PCW failed to add previously

**-new info or new settlement/judgment since top 25 list of 2012.
***-Daniel Thomas' case ended with a judgment in March, 2008 of $100,000,
  but the city closed out his original claim with $91,746.53 in city legal expenses.
  The total reported payout including attorney's fees was $311,000 (Oregonian, 12/10/09)
****-Mr Amdino's cab was hit by suspect Christopher Cannard who died after being chased
  the wrong way down a freeway offramp by Officer Alfonso Valadez
*****-The total of the top 25 up to 2005 was $3.6 million; in April 2008 it was $4.5 million; in March 2012 it was $8.1 million.

We use the term "settlement" loosely to cover settlements, judgments, and other payouts by the city to cover the costs of police misconduct.

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    Revised version updated September 7, 2020, to update information posted January 23/March 18, 2020

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