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Portland Copwatch, a project of Peace and Justice Works, a 501-c-3 group dedicated to nonviolent conflict resolution on local, national and international levels, is seeking the following items for our ongoing work to promote police accountability through citizen action. Portland Copwatch seeks a Police Bureau free from corruption, brutality and racism.

If you have any of these items, please email us or call the number in our signature file (below):

  • **Postage stamps** first class (55 cent-2019/forever) and 2nd ounce (15 cent) stamps
  • Blank Mini-DV video tapes
  • Office supplies (pens, manila folders, hanging folders,
        top-loading sheet protectors [staples, tape, paperclips OK 3/18])
  • Macintosh laptop with Mac OS 9.2, X.4 or X.6
  • External hard drives, USB 2.0 (or firewire 400/800) 25 GB-1 TB
  • Flash drives USB 2.0 1 GB-8 GB
  • iMovie or other editing software and DVD burning software for MAC system X.4.11
  • 4-6 Lime green reflective safety vests with pockets. (to add to the 6 from 2007)
  • Magnum (extra large) magic markers-black, red, blue
  • Poster board (22"x28" or 24" x 30") for making protest signs
  • Police scanner
  • Of course, monetary donations of any size are welcome, and your donations are tax- deductible, if that matters to you. Checks can be made out to Peace and Justice Works/Portland Copwatch. You can print out a Donation form and mail it in with your donation, or you can donate online using PJW's Network for Good page

    Note: These items have already been donated to us, or purchased:

  • Blinds that open from top and bottom to fit one 82"W x 59" H opening (can be 3@ 27"); 2nd window size TBA (ok 12/19!)
  • Battery Backup (Uninterrupted Power Supply) 600 Amps, 2-3 outlets (1-3 units) (ok 9/19!)
  • Macintosh Intel tower with Mac OS X.6 (version 3,1 preferred) (ok 3/18!)
  • Long distance calling cards to use on our land-line when calling back clients long-distance (OK 5/16!)
  • Carpenter to help with outside office wall/window repair, and/or bathroom renovations (OK 7/12!)
  • HP Laserjet 4M or 5 printer fully functional or a 4M just for parts
        (OK 9/11--but having a spare still wouldn't hurt)
  • Couch for office- 7 foot wide maximum (OK 10/11!)
  • Document scanner with feeder for USB and MAC system X.4.11 compatible (OK 5/11!)
  • Paper rack: to hold 8.5x11 paper lying flat but stacked vertically, 12"x15" max, 5-6' tall (OK 5/11!)
  • CD/DVD burner (OK 7/10!)
  • 6-10 Lime green reflective safety vests with pockets. (6 acquired 5/07!)
  • Three (3)-22 inch-by-5 foot, 1/2" thick shelves/pieces of particle board (OK 5/08!)

    Thank you very much!

    -- Portland Copwatch / Peace and Justice Works


    Portland Copwatch
    PO Box 42456
    Portland, OR 97242
    (503) 236-3065/ Incident Report Line (503) 321-5120
    e-mail: copwatch@portlandcopwatch.org

    Portland Copwatch is a grassroots, volunteer organization promoting police accountability through citizen action.

    Page posted August 21, 2005, updated December 17, 2019
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