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Statewide Police Shootings Down
from Over 40 to Just Over 30

[map of Oregon shootings locations] As of December 20, police officers in Oregon have used deadly force ten times since we published our last issue in mid-August.The total so far in 2023 is 32. Thus, unless law enforcement starts an unprecedented spree, it is unlikely there will be 42 such incidents as there were in 2022, a huge relief. It would be great to see the number go down further. Sociologists and others might look at the looser community restrictions due to COVID and the lower numbers of homicides among civilians to spot related factors, but we're just going to present some facts to you.

Other than the December 6 shooting in Portland (see shootings aritcle), the nine other recent incidents (notably, we did not find any in October) were:

--On December 17, two unidentified Hillsboro police officers shot and killed an as-yet unnamed man when he allegedly "took hostage" a woman who had a restraining order against him (KGW- TV8, December 17),

--On December 15, unidentified officers from the Grants Pass Police, Oregon State Police shot and Josephine County Sheriff's Office shot and killed Kelly Lynn Mason, 48 after a car chase. Mason was described as an "extremely dangerous" suspect in a mid-November murder (KTVZ-TV21, December 17).

--On November 24, Marion County Deputy Caleb Mott, Salem Police Officer John Parmer and Oregon State Trooper Andrew Tuttle shot and killed Justin Jordan, 32, who was in mental health crisis and allegedly pointed two pistols at the police in Salem (KATU-TV2, November 28).

--On November 9, an unidentified Salem Police officer shot and wounded an as-yet unnamed man who was allegedly pointing a gun at people and trying to stop drivers near a fast food restaurant (KATU-TV2, November 9).

--On September 30, Polk County Sheriff's Deputy Mike Smith shot and killed Ivan Ocegueda, 18, in Salem after police disabled Ocegueda's vehicle using spike strips and he took off on foot. The police say the teen tried to get into another car and shot an officer, wounding them, before the fatal shots were fired (OPB, October 3).

--On September 14 in Eugene, Lane County Sheriff's Sgt. Ryan Lane fired his weapon at close range into the head of Lucas Jansma, 18, a car theft suspect, killing him. Jansma allegedly used an Oregon State Trooper's weapon to shoot him in the buttocks. Sgt. Lane, who was involved in a previous shooting in 2010, conveniently forgot to turn his bodycam on (Lane County DA, October 12).

--On September 7, Tillamook County Sheriff's Deputy Terrance Watters and Oregon State Police Trooper Thomas Mayne shot and killed Tyran Meirow, 42, in Rockaway Beach. Meirow's mother called the police fearing her son would hurt her with a brick and metal pole and the cops brought guns to a brick-and-pole fight (Tillamook Headlight Herald, November 15).

--Also on September 7, four members of the Washington County Tactical Negotiations Team, which has members of various police agencies, were involved in the deadly shooting of Ryan Henirckx, 39, in Hillsboro. They were: Hillsboro Officers Derrick Jarvis and John Ganci and Washington County Deputies Bryan Payton and Michael Mackenzie. Henirckx locked himself inside his home and allegedly pointed a handgun at officers who tried to serve a warrant on him. Initial reports stating that Henrickx fired the weapon were withdrawn a week later based on body camera footage. Hmm (Oregonlive, September 8 and Oregonian, September 15).

--On August 24, Grants Pass Police Officers Kyle Hodge, Tim Artoff, and Jason McGinnis shot and wounded Dennis McGuire, 69, who had shot another civilian (KDRV-TV12, August 25 and September 7).


Lawsuit: Racism in Clackamas Shooting

The family of Derrick Clark released information that the Clackamas County deputies who shot their loved one were callous and racist when they killed the young black man in 2022 (PPR #87). Body cam footage captured the officers referring to him as an "animal" and ignoring his pained pleas as he lay dying. The family is suing with the help of nationally known law firms (Oregonlive, December 1).
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DEA Agent Kills Salem Bike Rider

Samuel Landis, an agent for the federal Drug Enforcement Administration, was driving an unmarked pickup truck in Salem while looking for a suspect in a fentanyl distribution case when he ran a stop sign, killing cyclist Marganne Allen, 53. The incident happened in March and video of the incident was immediately available, but the investigation took months to lead to an indictment in state court. The feds went to bat for Landis, saying he was in the process of doing his job when he killed the mother of two, moving the case to federal court where he can claim qualified immunity (Oregonlive, December 14).
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Qualified Immunity in Court

The U.S. Supreme Court declined to review a case where a lower court rejected the qualified immunity defense of Chino, CA police officers. In 2019, 83 year old Elise Brown was held at gunpoint and handcuffed because the police thought she was driving a stolen car. The lower court found the officers may have been justified in their initial actions, but once they learned the suspect was compliant and unarmed, it was not reasonable for them to assume she was an immediate threat and continue to use force against her (USA Today, December 11).

[Graphic of PPB Deadly Force Incidents]Portland Copwatch Updates Infographic on Shooter Officers

In 2019, Portland Copwatch posted an infographic showing one "dot" for every Portland officer who's been directly involved in a deadly force incident since we began in 1992. Until December, there were only two officer involved shootings by the PPB, but a total of five cops were involved. One, Justin Thurman, was involved in a previous incident. The graphic also indicates which officers are still on the force. Of note is that one cop, Anthony Merrill, retired to work as an investigator in the DA's office. This happened before when multiple shooter cop Cody Berne also went to work for the DA (PPR #70). Check out the updated page at portlandcopwatch.org/deadlyforcepdx.html.
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Note: a typo in the report on the December 15 shooting of Kelly Lynn Mason was corrected on this page on 2/1/24

  [People's Police Report]

January, 2024
Also in PPR #91

Community Oversight Plan Dismantled by City
DOJ Agreement 1/2 Terminated, Court Monitor OKd
Police Violence Costs the City Another $371,000+
 • "Union" Pays Former Commissioner $680K for False Claims
PPB Kills Third Person in 2023
 • Man in Mental Health Crisis Dies in Milwaukie Cops' Custody
State Police Deadly Force Down from 42 to 30+
 • More News: D.Clark, DEA/Qualified Immunity, CW Graphic
Review Committee Loses Five Members, Gains One
IPR Annual Report Adds Some Detail, Omits Others
Criminalization of Homelessness on Hold
Medford Police Continue Spying on Activists
 • Mohammed Mohamud Loses Appeal Bid
Chief Lovell Steps Down, Bob Day Takes Over
Deputies Indicted: Jail Deaths, Off-Duty Fight
Profiling Data Discussed at Two Public Meetings
Training Council Delays Force Data Presentations
Car Crashes Spotlit in Comments on Police Policies
State Discipline Rules Updated at Iffy Meetings
Still No Deadly Force in Review Board Report
Updates PPR #91:
 • Council Approves Body Cameras as Pilot Ends Without Data
 • Drone Use Slowly Creeping Up Month by Month

Rapping Back #91

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